• [TF同人报告]原来还是…… - [动漫闲扯]




    “Of course they are. What a different, he is Megatron. We should rather worry about those who will cross his way than about him.

    “Usually, he is not interested with it.

    “I bow my head in front of your wide experience Screamer.

    “Slag off, as if you were not on his score list!

    Onslaught yawned and grimaced.

    “Everybody is.

    “I am not – Soundwave muttered.

    “And Mixmaster. And Scavenger – the Constructicon added.

    “And Thundercracker. Wait, that’s mean you are, Hook?

    A shrug of yellow and violet arms were the only answer.

    Starscream was speechless for several seconds then he shook his head. Megatron's relationships were a common joke among the Decepticons but those were usually just rather lewd suggestions and teasing suspicions. Megatron, of course, never spoke about it and his partners usually kept their mouths shut. At some point everybody was accused of doing or not doing 'it' with their commander, but in fact nobody knew for sure who was or wasn't Megatron's victim. Or how really long was his legendary score list.